Building safe, fair and respectful workplaces 

Respect at Work

We spend so much time at work and we don't often get to choose our workmates.  Working alongside someone doesn't guarantee that we like them BUT we do have to respect them.  We have the right to be mentally safe at work and the responsibility to look after the mental safety of our workmates.  This should be easy, but people don't always know what is 'Ok' behaviour at work.

Respect at Work will unpack respect, fairness and empathy and the connection to your workplace policies and to legislation.  Respect at Work will work with your teams to identify both appropriate and inappropriate workplace behaviours and the impact of each to your workplace culture.

Respect at Work assists participants to:

  • Define respect, 
  • Discuss and understand diversity and unconscious bias,
  • Discuss inappropriate behaviour and bullying behaviour,
  • Develop bystander strategies, 
  • Understand their rights and responsibilities under workplace policies and discrimination legislation,
  • Manage relationship conflict in the workplace.

Respect at Work will work with your organisation to assist you to develop and maintain a more positive environment for everyone.

Roz Taylor 

Respect at Work is a Tasmanian small business that has been in operation since 2017. Roz Taylor is the Director of Respect at Work and is a training and educational professional who believes that all workplaces should be respectful and mentally safe for everyone. 

Respect at Work delivers Respectful Workplace Relationship sessions that may also include respectful diversity, bullying and legislation. All sessions are tailored to specific industries, workplace policies, codes of conduct and current or potential issues.  

Roz has been facilitating discussions about workplace behaviour, appropriate communication, bullying, harassment and discrimination for 25 years and is passionate about positive and respectful workplace cultures. Roz engages and encourages participants to participate, learn, communicate better and improve their workplace practices. Roz is a DISC ADVANCED┬« accredited consultant.

Roz was the Senior Training, Education and Development Officer at Equal Opportunity Tasmania (formerly the Anti-Discrimination Commission) from 2006-2017.