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Posted on 13 January, 2020 at 20:00

Last November I completed DISC ADVANCED accreditation training and am now a DISC ADVANCED Accredited Consultant - Yay for me :)

Prior to the training I had just enough DISC knowledge to have my fingers crossed that it would be a useful tool and something I would be comfortable to believe in and confidently use going forward.  Happily DISC delivered everything I hoped for and I am excited to start using it.

DISC ADVANCED was specifically designed for the workplace and is described as 'The World’s Most Advanced Behavioural Assessment System',  widely used by Australian Business and all levels of Government.  A personal bonus for me is that the original 4 Quadrant DISC model was created (in the 1920's) by William Marston who was (amongst other things) the creator of Wonder Woman - you've got to love the lasso of truth! 

The 4 quadrants are D = dominance, I = influence, S = steadiness and C = compliance, no one quadrant is any 'better' than the others and individual assessments come back with results that are combinations of the quadrant styles.  DISC assessments measure both the subconscious “real self” and the conscious behavioural style, these 2 profiles(real and adjusted) provide enormous self-awareness and potential for self-development for individuals. What I also love about this tool is the further option to look at pair or team assessments, thus providing insights, strengths, challenges and communication strategies.

As an accredited consultant my job is to make sure the results are interpreted correctly and to debrief participants on how they can/should use the results.  DISC ADVANCED assessments fit so well to the aim of Respect at Work — to create and maintain safe, fair and peaceful workplace cultures.  Please get in touch if you would like to add DISC ADVANCED assessments to your team Respect at Work training or one on one coaching.

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