Building safe, fair and respectful workplaces 

Respect at Work


We're all responsible for our workplace culture

Respect at Work 

2 - 3 hours duration

Discuss, workshop and raise awareness of:  
  • Respectful workplaces 
  • Codes of conduct/behaviour/anti-discrimination policies 
  • Respectful workplaces and environments of strong personalities
  • Workplace bullying and workplace conflict
  • Contributing to and achieving a mentally safe workplace
  • Legislative rights and responsibilities in regard to workplace behaviour and duty of care


Industry Specific Workshops

  • Building & Trade Industry
    • Attendance is CBOS approved for 1 CPD point
  • Property and Real Estate Industry
    • Attendance is Property Agents Board approved for 2 CPD points

Respect and Diversity at Work
Aged Care Industry Workshops

3.5 - 4 hours duration

Our training for aged care workers will raise awareness through discussion and activities and will look at strategies to support the 3 special needs groups identified by the Australian Government Aged Care Diversity Framework.

We will discuss and workshop:

  • What is a respectful workplace and how can you maintain it?
  • What is diversity and why does it matter?
  • Understanding CALD, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and LGBTI clients and their needs
  • What are strategies for inclusive and culturally responsive practices?

Respect at Work Manager/Supervisor Workshops

3.5 - 5 hours duration

Discuss, workshop and find the answers to these questions:
  • What is a respectful workplace and how can you maintain it?
  • Is it possible to make tough decisions, manage and/or be assertive without negative outcomes?
  • Can a respectful workplace exist amongst personality conflicts in your teams?
  • How do you contribute to and achieve a mentally safe workplace?
  • How do you encourage and support your staff to contribute to and achieve a mentally safe workplace?

Understanding and Preventing Bullying and Harassment Workshops

6 hours duration

Part 1 examines the definition of workplace bullying and unpacks inappropriate behaviour
Part 2 looks at why this matters, how workplace behaviour can impact on others in a negative way and the importance of active bystanders and support networks.
Part 3 covers responding to bullying and harassment
Part 4 covers cultural change and looks at how organisations can move on from having a toxic environment to proudly exhibiting a positive and safe workplace culture


    All group training sessions are costed at $300.00 per hour (+ GST).
    Course tailoring and resources are included in hourly fee.
    Travel and accommodation (if necessary) may be extra.
    * Contact us for a no obligation quote for your organisation