Building safe, fair and respectful workplaces 

Respect at Work

A Selection of Testimonials and Feedback

I found it very good and feel I got a lot from it.  Very helpful and empowering 😊

Loved the fact it is up to everyone in the workplace to make a positive change and a positive difference. To be responsible for their own work environment.  To empower them to say NO. It stops here!  To encourage open communication in a safe regulated, supportive environment.

I got loads more out of it too, but that helped me a lot.  

We will do what you suggested and bring what we learnt up with our team that couldn't make it.  They loved the posters.

Kate Storey, Kate Storey Realty
August 2019

Extremely relevant and worthwhile, all workplaces should have this training.
Roz was super relatable and good to listen to / interactive.

Was thought provoking and engaging.

Participants, St Lukes
March, April 2019

I have learnt quite a lot about what I do and about respecting others.  Everybody who works in disability should take this training.
An eye opener, a session to remember about self-reflection, honesty & what matters in our/my workplace.

Participants, Langford

January 2019

Useful training and well organised and prepared, I gained better understanding of cultural diversity.
We are all human beings and all deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.  Thanks for your time Roz.

We are all individual people and I feel that respect is such a huge thing.  Very important learning session, thank you.

Participants, Southern Cross Care Tasmania

October 2018

Roz gave us lots to think about and I think it is important to push the respect message everywhere as there are so many disrespectful role models in public positions.

Attendee at The Tax Institute, Inspiring Women in Business Breakfast, Launceston

August 2018

I believe this was a really relevant course. I think it’s a great eye opener for all members of a workplace e.g. bully, bystanders, managers etc. I really helps confirm the importance of everyone’s role in the workplace when it comes to respect at work. I think courses like this could help the ‘bully’ realise they are the bully whereas before they would not have even thought their actions could be portrayed as this.

Emily - Staff member, Work & Training

March 2018

I am delighted to provide a testimonial for Roz. Over the years I have been very lucky to work with Roz across a broad range of industries to educate employees on their workplace rights as they relate to workplace behaviour. Roz is an awesome facilitator who shares some real life case studies which aids in delivering a strong message that its not about the intent but rather the impact of our behaviours have on others. 
Belinda Beltz - Executive Director Masonic Care Tasmania
February 2018

Roz worked as a trainer with Equal Opportunity Tasmania (previously the Office of the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner) including as the Senior Training, Education and Development Officer for a number of years. In this role, Roz worked with an extraordinary diversity of training participants, from blue collar workers in heavy industry, outdoor workers in Councils, senior managers in government, young people in schools, and more.  She developed very effective training programs for all of these groups, modifying both content and style to ensure that the audiences were engaged and learnt.  

Roz has a fantastic capacity to read her audience and deliver the training messages in ways that work across the whole audience as well as being able to challenge participants appropriately when necessary. She is a creative and dedicated trainer, and will put in the effort necessary to understand you training needs and how those needs will be best met.

Robin Banks - Former Anti-Discrimination Commissioner Tasmania

October 2017